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Making Townships Industry 4.0 Ready


MASITech creates digital solutions for township entrepreneurs. Our range of solutions stretch from online stores to POS. We tailor a solution to fit your business and budget.

Data and SQL Support

MASITech through it's Development division provides hosted, cloud and on-prem support for your data solution. Get to know what our service offering could do for your business.

Web Learning

MASITech Learning division has a range of online learning solutions that enable always on digital learning environments. Check out a solution that is suited to your needs.


Packaged solutions available to deploy.

ESL Tutor SA

MASITech Learning

Homework Helpers

MASITech Learning


MASITech Development


MASITech Marakeng

Changing the face of ICT

MASITech Learning




MASITech the township digital solution company.

The creation and maintenance of web solutions for township businesses

MASITech creates web solutions for township businesses. Our range of solutions are tailored for each business and allows business people to digitise and monitise their online presence. The solutions are tailored for businesses for the whole spectrum of township entrepreuers. The goal is to enable the township entrepreuer to create and leverage their success on the online industry. Solutions integrate digital marketing and deployment of hosted websites that are managed by a team of dedicated technologists.

The creation and maintenance of on-prem, hosted and cloud data solutions.

MASITech is skilled at creating data driven solutions that allow clients to build their databases and collect data relevant to their needs. MASITech creates solutions that allow clients to collect, analyze, interpret and use data for decision making. solutions are created to have full reporting capabilities and funstionality. The reporting functions are created and scheduled according to the needs of the client and thus enabling them to have greater use of the data at the right time. Data solutions are created using SQL and using the Microsoft stack and Azure for clients to use with full support by dedicated development staff.


The different business units of MASITech.


Digital Learning Solutions


Digital Solutions Development


Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

We can service your needs because all of these units are available to deliver a complete solution that will provide you with the best and most holistic solution for your business. Contact us for a consultation.

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